Full solar power
under one roof

As PVT we represent the highest standards of ecology, quality, and technology. Our complete service package means that we will guide you through the entire process needed to make your energy project a success, thereby requiring only minimal effort on your part.

Decades of experience in the energy sector have given us the expertise to provide a full range of services: from design, engineering, construction, financing and insurance to turnkey handover and performance control.

Every project has its own challenges. We cater for all of your wishes and needs straight from the start, be it by offering competent energy consulting, appropriate dimensioning, attractive design, or expert and smooth installation and launch.

To provide optimal transparency to your investments, our unwavering focus lies on the efficiency of your entire energy supply. Together with renowned partners, such as Allianz, we are insuring your solar power plant as well as your returns for 20 years.

We provide you with our highly modern monitoring tool so that your system can generate an optimal yield. You will receive comprehensive data in real time for ideal performance. Additional features, such as portfolio management and machine learning for the prognosis function etc., are available for major customers.

Products & research: Thanks to our joint venture with the panel manufacturer SoliTek (part of BOD Group) we guarantee products that have been produced CO2 free, are made of recycled material and come from Europe. You can trust that our technological developments are always state of the art. Alternatively, we also offer solutions by other manufacturers.