Development & Implementation

A comprehensive
solution consists of
many puzzle pieces: We
have them all

Right from the start, you benefit from our global energy optimization. We examine and analyze your current provider, determine your exact needs, and advise you on self-production, electricity storage and reduction of peak loads. All of this data is used to calculate the necessary dimensions of your system.

Because a successful project is planned both holistically and consistently from the first to the last step. Already in the consulting and developing stage, we pay special attention to the specific requirements of your photovoltaic system: be it a non-profit energy park, a manufacturing plant or a private electric-vehicle carport.

“What you get:
reduced energy costs, minimum effort, complete transparency.”

Engineering and project
management at the highest

You can also rest assured that the entire design and installation process is carried out to the highest professional standards and no journey is too long for our employees. We work in densely populated areas as well as on lonely islands, mountains, and in the jungle and desert.

Additionally, we guarantee you that all components – modules, inverters, storage units – are ideally coordinated and impress with their top performance. Their long-lasting durability as well as performance have made them an absolute market leader – more details can be found under Products & Research.

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