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Count on top quality for climate protection

A power plant is always as good and efficient as the sum of all its single components. This is why we exclusively rely on global top brands in this domain. Above all, we have a joint venture contract with SoliTek from Lithuania, where the modules are produced entirely free of CO2, are made entirely from recycled materials, and are entirely made in Europe.

SoliTek offers two different kinds of panels: The “SOLID Pro” series consists of glass-glass modules with a product guarantee of 30 years and a performance guarantee of 87 percent at the end of this period. The “STANDARD” series comprises polycrystalline cells and classic solar cells with a product guarantee of 20 years and a performance guarantee of 80 percent after 25 years. For more details click here.

“We do not compromise when it comes to technology and innovation”

Storage solutions, e-mobility, hybrid and off-grid systems

So that you can optimize your use of the generated energy, we have joined forces with market leaders to develop storage and charging solutions. Especially in remote locations, the permanent availability of electricity is the
most important challenge. Therefore, we also offer completely self-sufficient off-grid systems and special hybrid solutions.

But even “conventional” solar energy users benefit from constantly improving storage solutions. Because by now, e-mobility plays an important role in our everyday energy supply. This development will gain considerable momentum in the years to come.

State-of-the-art technology

Together with all our partners we are permanently doing research on the development of our product range. With high-quality innovations concerning efficiency, resilience, safety, weight, and longevity, we want to consolidate our successful market position.

If you have special needs or request us to, we can also plan and implement your energy project using products by other renowned manufacturers. Our only requirement is that we meet our high quality standards in order to achieve our sustainability goals.

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