“We always offer first-class performance – for single-family homes and for large networked systems.”

Online analysis for the best performance of your system

As soon as your PV system starts operating, we need to ensure excellent results in the long term. Our in-house analysis system allows you to check the performance of your solar power plant in real time, whatever your location. Data-based recommendations for action can also be sent to any type of digital device. We monitor your system 24/7.

Exact measurements make it possible to precisely identify errors, report decreases in production, and give advice on cleaning and maintenance. What we offer: During the first year of operation, we take care of all necessary maintenance works. From then on, we ensure smooth operation with appropriate operating contracts.

More yield with artificial intelligence

The larger your project, the more important reliable data records are. Therefore, we offer our major customers additional features, such as specific analytic and reporting tools as well as machine learning functions. Consequently, processes can be automatized even better, and the results of the whole project are maximized.

Intelligent data analysis and exact prognosis details enhance performance and therefore your yield. Thanks to big data, critical and serious situations concerning your systems can also be managed efficiently and easily.

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