Financing & Insurance

Sustainable and long-lasting
– solar power is profitable

Return of investment is usually the most important
aspect of all investments. For this reason, we always focus on the efficiency of your energy supply. This ranges from evaluating and optimizing your current consumption to generating the highest possible yield by ensuring flawless operation of your system.

Thanks to our simulations and calculations, you receive the full long-term benefit of solar power.
The whole financing process is kept as simple, transparent, and efficient as possible. We assist you with financing and subsidies as well as with permits and applications.

“Renowned international companies and insurance providers trust us – now it’s your turn!”

We insure your risk-free investment

A product guarantee and a high-quality, wide-ranging yield guarantee are important for a long-lasting and trusting partnership. Together with our partner Allianz, we insure your PV system and your energy yields – for 20 years.

We are that confident because we offer the best parameters for all areas and stages of any project. Read more under the respective points:
Development & Implementation
Operation & Monitoring
Products & Research