Deep experience is our strength. We are also a one-stop shop. We fit together all the myriad parts of the energy industry, so we can create innovative approaches for each individual client on how to make large reductions in your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

We will do the planning, building and maintenance for each plant.

That is why clients from across the world come to us to help them. We are active from Austria to Southern Europe and Southern Africa.


  • Planning

    We understand that each client, building and community has different energy and investment needs so we take the extra time that is needed to design each plant to match the exact needs of our clients.

  • Realization

We build high quality equipment to last decades and we adapt to any environment, whether it is in the Alps, on an island in the ocean or in a desert. We build on houses, shopping malls, factories, fields, mountains and deserts.

  • Financing

We support receiving finance for any size of PV Plant in any part of the world.

  • Insurance

We structure the contracts and insurance policies properly , so you know the risks are all covered thoroughly. We even insure the performance of the solar panels for up to 20 years!

  • Operation

Our equipment does not require operational management in the classic sense that buildings or other machinery might. At no extra cost, all our projects can be linked up via the internet to give real time performance reports. However, to give you peace of mind, we promise all our clients that we will take care of any maintenance that may be required for 1 year after the project is completed. For very large projects, it is sensible to agree an extra service for operation and maintenance.

  • Maintenance

After signing a maintenance contract, we take care of your PV-plant in order to ensure smooth operation.


Energy consulting / Cost saving

Each client has it´s own structure and consumption.
We consult and help you in reducing magnificent energy costs due to several options:

  • Energy supplier
  • Peak shaving
  • Own production
  • Storage
  • etc.